Are you looking to spice up your fundraising event?

Run-N-Gun Paintball

We are located 4 miles Northeast of Oronoco, MN with a Mazeppa, MN address. Here at Run-N-Gun we maintain a great paintball environment, and whether it is your first experience or you have been around paintball since it began, we strive to make your experience here the best possible. At Run-n-Gun Paintball we generally open in March or April depending on the weather and close for the season the day before the shotgun deer season starts in the beginning of November. Have a look around the website and call Ron to set up your party today.


1.  The Main Field is our largest field set up with two bases and many bunkers scattered throughout. The field has a ravine separating the two hill sides that each base sits on. 

2.  The Fort Field is a medium sized field set up with two large forts at one end of the field. This field is filled with many bunkers, allowing a team to work their way up to the fort walls to take the fort.

3.  The Speed ball Field is a small field that starts each team off within shooting distance of each other. The field is made of many small bunkers throughout the field, allowing you to slowly move forward as you take out the other team. These games are elimination style and go very quick.