2022 Season – Covid-19 & Paintball

So how has Covid-19 affected your day of paintball @ Run-n-Gun Paintball?  Not much really as best I can tell. In paintball unlike most other sports social distancing has always been the norm. I do my best to keep other players well away from me, especially players from the other team. We are back to sharing bunkers with teammates but quite frankly spreading out allows you to defend more territory and create better shooting angles and is a better way to play anyway so that was never really much of an issue.

When you are in the safety zone you can stand as close as you want to your bff’s but will probably get punched for invading their personal space, so that hasn’t changed either.  Discuss the game and hang out just like you did in the good old days before the stay-at-home orders, the masks, and all of the other BS, and just be fun-loving people again.

When you need your goggles cleaned we will take that burden from you again and provide that quality service like we did in the good old days and you can just concentrate on having fun.  

The only other change that I can think of is our Max group size will no longer be limited so reach out to all of your friends and call or text Ron @ 507-990-0913 and book your sessions now to get in on the fun of being normal again!

We now have logo t-shirts and caps for sale to commemorate your day of fun with friends so ask a staff member about them.

First Time Paintball

By Susan K Alexander

Paint Ball WallWhat just hit me? Splat! Where did it come from? Welcome to the world of Paintball. You were just hit (or marked) by a little round colorful object about 0.68 inches in diameter called a paintball. This is the size of your basic paintball. A basic paintball is a capsule filled with a water-soluble dye in a gelatin capsule and comes in nice bright colors or an eco-friendly basic green. Put this little round colorful ball in a device called a “marker” and you have the beginnings of an experience you will never forget. The game of Paintball!

Now that you have an understanding of what is in the “splat” we can move on to what projected that little paintball to meet your body and “marking” you. That basic paintball when placed in a paintball gun or paintball marker becomes the catalyst for what could be the most exciting day of your life. (Excluding perhaps marriage or the birth of your first child.) Paintball started in New Hampshire in 1981 and has evolved and is now considered to be a sport and not only a game. This article, however, focuses on what the novice player would need or expect and how to go about experiencing the excitement of playing paintball.

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Paintball 101 – What You Need to Know!

By Jeffrey Jones

pbPaintball is a game played up of many players or teams. It can be played indoors or out, with as few as two people or as many as 500. Paintball is played at designated fields, back yards or even in the woods. A game can last as little as 5 minutes or hours with all depending on one to take something, find something, or to just be the last person not marked.

Depending on the location of where you play, the strategy of your game will vary from being quiet and sneaky and choosing your shots carefully, to being loud, fast, and shooting constantly. Paintball is a competitive sport played like any other competitive sport, to win. It is challenging game of tag, hide-and-seek or even capture-the-flag. Being you shoot at other people and they shoot at you, paintball requires safety equipment to be worn such as goggles, special clothing and etc.

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