.68 Caliber Paintball

Currently, we use two types of guns, both of which are semi-automatic. Semi-automatic means that with each trigger pull the paintball gun will fire a shot. The standard rental marker is our tried and true Piranha with a gravity fed loading system.  For an additional $10 you can upgrade to the new eNMEy Full pneumatic marker with an electronic loading system for a faster rate of fire, no jam loading and greater accuracy. They are used with compressed air tanks which keeps the paintballs firing at very consistent speeds in all temperatures and Compressed air tanks are easy to refill because they don’t have to be removed from the gun to be filled. The Piranha & eNMEy are both quality markers that perform well with compressed air tanks and are both designed to give players of all levels a great day on the field.

Our Main brand of masks are the Tippmann Valor with Thermal lenses. These masks have performed flawlessly in the worst conditions and will give you a superior fog free paintball experience.

  • Standard Package – per player cost – $28
    Piranha Semi Auto Marker, HPA Tank, Thermal Lens Goggles
    Unlimited Air tank Fills
    200 rounds of paintballs


  • Premium Package – per player cost – $40
    Piranha Semi Auto Marker, HPA Tank, Thermal Lens Goggles, 2 pack/pod harness(to carry extra paintballs onto the field)
    Unlimited Air tank Fills
    500 rounds of paintballs


  • Additional Paintball pricing

Upgrade to an eNMEy Full pneumatic marker with electronic loading system – $10

          Groups of 6-9 get a 2 hour session
          Groups of 10-19 get a 3 hour session
          Groups of 20-40 get a 4 hour session
          Groups of 41 or more get up to 6hrs session

6 or more players and require a deposit – (at least 5 days) in advance. 

Everyone age 12 and up are eligible to play – (and are required to sign one of our waivers) however players under the age of 18

 Change beginning of 2nd paragraph to read –  (Use our new online booking feature to set up your session or if you prefer you can) Call or text Ron @ (507) 990-0913.


$ 6  per   100rd pod
$25 per   500rd bag
$90 per 2000 rd case

$ 7 – Camo pant or shirt Rental

 We also sell Water, Pop, Gatorade, Monster Energy, Candy & Ice Cream Bars


Reserving a Session:

All sessions dates and times are by advance appointment only for groups of 6 or more players and require a deposit in advance to guarantee that your group will show up.  Everyone age 12 and up are eligible to play however players under the age of 18 must have one of our waivers signed by a parent or guardian.

Call or text Ron @ (507) 990-0913 to set up your session.  Deposits are non-refundable except in the case of severe weather or a when cancelled at least 3 days in advance for open groups or 7 days in advance for private groups.

Private Group Play:

If you can guarantee 20 players ($280 deposit) or 30 players ($420) will show up, you can book a private session where no walk-on players will be allowed. Deposits are non-refundable and you will forfeit $14 for each player short of your guaranteed number of participants. Plan well and if possible collect the $14 from each player in advance so they will be less likely to skip out on game day.

Walk-on Play:
All sessions of 19 players or less are considered open for walk-on players to join in unless otherwise noted. Call or check the calendar on the website for open play dates and times. If you are bringing a group to walk-on with a scheduled group, please call and let us know how many are coming so we can provide proper staffing.