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So how has Covid-19 affected your day of paintball @ Run-n-Gun Paintball?  Not much really as best I can tell. In paintball unlike most other sports social distancing has always been the norm. I do my best to keep other players well away from me, especially players from the other team. We are back to sharing bunkers with teammates but quite frankly spreading out allows you to defend more territory and create better shooting angles and is a better way to play anyway so that was never really much of an issue.

When you are in the safety zone you can stand as close as you want to your bff’s but will probably get punched for invading their personal space, so that hasn’t changed either.  Discuss the game and hang out just like you did in the good old days before the stay-at-home orders, the masks, and all of the other BS, and just be fun-loving people again.

When you need your goggles cleaned we will take that burden from you again and provide that quality service like we did in the good old days and you can just concentrate on having fun.  

The only other change that I can think of is our Max group size will no longer be limited so reach out to all of your friends and call or text Ron @ 507-990-0913 and book your sessions now to get in on the fun of being normal again!

We now have logo t-shirts and caps for sale to commemorate your day of fun with friends so ask a staff member about them.