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Run-N-Gun is a Bio BB only course!

Transporting your Airsoft guns:

– RNG requires all players who are coming to our courses to transport their guns responsibly. Please store guns out of sight from others while driving to us. In a gun case or in the trunk of your car is best.


  • There is no firing in the staging area. EVER! It doesn’t matter if the gun isn’t loaded (dry firing). Guns should remain on safe until you enter the field of play or are in an approved test fire or chronograph area.
  • There should be no magazines in your guns in the staging area. EVER! This includes both rifles and pistols.
  • You should have an actual (not homemade) barrel blocking device on the barrel of your gun. Pistols can be holstered. Acceptable barrel blocking devices barrel sleeves and holsters.

These rules are to assure a safe staging area and to protect all the people present at an event from an accidental discharge.


– Our staff will shoot the guns and if it passes it will be tagged (usually a colored bead and zip tie). If a player’s gun is over our limit, it will not be allowed. If a player is found to be playing with an unmarked and or previously unchecked gun they will be banned from all future events. No exceptions.


  1. All full-auto guns must adhere to a 30 Rounds Per Second Rate of Fire cap.
  2. All guns must chrono at 400FPS or less with the field provided .20BB’s

  3. If using alternate weight BB’s all guns must be shooting at less than 1.3 Joules.



  1. While on the field and chrono range – eye protection must be on at all times.
    There are no safe zones or times.
  2. Eye Protection: All players must wear approved eye protection with a tight seal around the face and a retention strap with no gaps.
  3. No mesh eye protection is allowed.
  4. Malfunctions happen. Return to the staging area immediately if your eye protection needs attention.
  5. Players found without proper, approved eye protection will be ejected from the game. No excuses.
  6. Full face protection: Players 17 years old and under must only wear a paintball mask system (Full face and ear protection) This is an insurance company requirement. Players 18 and older are encouraged to wear full face protection.
    Fabric items such as shemaghs, balaclavas and bandanas are not acceptable lower face protection for players 17 and under.


  1. Put on and secure your eye protection. This is always your first step.
  2. Enter the field of play. At some sites this may be a physical barrier (netting, a door, etc.) at others a simple marked boundary.
  3. Remove your barrel blocking device.
  4. Load your Airsoft gun.
  5. Turn off your safety and play or test fire as needed.

When the game is over or you are leaving the field of play for any other reason the following procedures are required.

  1. Eject and stow your magazine.
  2. Point your Airsoft gun in a safe direction and fire in semi 3-5 times to verify there are no remaining rounds.
  3. Turn your gun to safe.
  4. Affix your barrel blocking device.
  5. Exit the field.
  6. Take off your eye protection.


Unless otherwise noted the following are the basic rules of all RNG games.

  1. Shots anywhere to the body, including gear, and guns count as a hit.
  2. No shots within a 30 feet radius unless in a Surrender situation (details below).
  3. No “Blind Firing,” you must see your target and have your weapon shouldered or in direct line of site to the target.
  4.   Opposing players that unintentionally bump, crash, or otherwise meet by accident while searching for each other should both be considered out. This is to avoid point blank engagements or “panic fire.”Hit Recognition: When you are hit raise your hand(s) over your head and yell loudly “I’m hit!!” or otherwise signify you have been eliminated. Do this quickly and leave the area of engagement as quickly as you can to avoid getting in the way and avoid getting shot further.

Players who attempt to Surrender an opponent must realize they run the risk of being shot at close range. Despite how “cool” some players think Surrender calls are, they should not be what you are striving for in a game. The purpose of Surrender calls is to keep people from getting hurt.


RNG has a simple yet effective emergency procedure which we call the “Blindman Rule”.

Whether it is an injury or game issue a Blindman call signifies the halting of all play immediately, no exceptions. If you have an issue or injury or see one you need to stop active play so yell out “Blindman” as loud as you can and continue until a referee has come to assist you. The Blindman call should be echoed by all players and will continue until all players on the field have been notified.

Players not involved in the Blindman call must safety their weapons, and await further instructions. Players are not allowed to take advantage of this break in the action to advance to a better position; rather they should stay exactly where they are. Also, players should not remove their masks or safety gear until notified. Think of it as a time-out.

When the Blindman call has been resolved the referees will notify the players if/when the game will continue. Communication is key in these situations and should be taken seriously.

RNG is not responsible for lost or stolen items. The police will be called if anyone is caught stealing.