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Attack and Defend

Team Alpha is holed up in a secured bunker. Team Bravo must breach their defenses and take control of the bunker. 


1. The bunker will have predetermined entry points. No other entry points can be used.

2. There are no respawns and a time limit is in effect.

Variations:  The round can be played with even teams and a full 360 degree attack radius. Or the round can be played with Team Bravo having the majority of players (3-1 ratio) and only a 180 degree attack radius.

Capture the Flag

The objective is to get the other team’s flag and run it back to your side. 


1. Each team places a flag of their color in an obvious but defendable position

2. Each team tries to capture the other team’s flag and return it to their own flag position.

No need to worry about middle lines or prisoners in the paintball version. Just get their flag and bring it back.

Variations:  Respawns most regular games of capture the flag turn in to elimination. Adding respawning makes that impossible. Designate a respawn point for each team. When a player gets hit, they return to the respawn point and waits. When another hit member of their team reaches the respawn point, they are free to come back in the game. Given the size of your group, you can increase the amount of hit players before respawning. Also, make sure the respawn point is in a ‘safe’ location away from the flags.


•2 flags of different colors

Center Flag

Objective: Get the flag from the middle of the field and advance it to a specified location. 


1. Setup a neutral flag in a location near the center of the field that is equally difficult for both teams

2. Capture the flag

3. Advance the flag to a specified point, usually the opponent’s base

Supplies:  Flag


2 teams (Team Alpha & Team Bravo) will infiltrate the same battlefield. One team must be eliminated before battle is completed. 

Rules:  Both teams fight it out until both teams are eliminated.

Variations:  Medic Each team will have one medic. The medic will hold armband “medic kits”. If a player is shot (other than a headshot or vital zone shot), the medic can tie an arm kit to the player, so the player can continue combat. The medic is allow 2x the arm bands per players on the team (5 team members, including the medic…a total of 10 arm bands).If a player is shot, the player is to drop to the ground, laying his weapon to the side to signal he is down and then yells for a medic. He is considered out until he either chooses to leave the field permanently or the medic attaches the armband. The player cannot leave his location until he is “healed” with an armband. Each player can have a max of 3 armbands before leaving the field permanent. The medic cannot recover used “med kits”. The medic is allowed to use the medic kits on themselves. .Commander each team will have one commander. During the course of the battle, if the commander dies, the team loses the round automatically. Also, the commander MUST have at least one team member within 15yrds of his location. As such, if the commander is left alone, his team loses the round. Time Limit and Respawns Typically goes hand in hand with respawns. The round will have a specific number of respawns (either a team total figure or individual figures). At the end of the time limit, the team with the fewest loses will win the round.

Advance the Flag

A reenactment of an assault force attempting to overcome a defensive position. 

Black Box

Alpha team needs to recover the “Black Box” from a downed aircraft and bring it back to their HQ. Bravo Team needs to keep Alpha Team from getting the box until Bravo Team reinforcements arrive (time limit in effect). 

Black Hawk Down

A downed Blackhawk has crashed into hostile territory. They have limited time before enemy troops move on their position. Team Alpha is tasked to secure the downed team and extract them to safety. 

Blow the Bridge.

Team Alpha (demo team) is tasked with placing a satchel charge at the base of the bridge. Team Bravo (defending team) is tasked at defending the bridge location. If Team Bravo acquires the satchel charge, they are required to dispose of the charge at a specified location. 

Bomb Squad

Bomb Squad vs Terrorists. The Bomb Squad’s job is to disarm a bomb, which will go off in a designated amount of time. However, the Bomb Squad needs a code to shut off the bomb, which is held by the terrorists. 


1. Divide into two equal teams

2. The Terrorists place the bomb anywhere on the field, accessible to the Bomb Squad

3. If a Terrorist is shot, he is considered to be captured, and must tell the Bomb Squad the code to disable the bomb

4. Even if all of the Terrorists are eliminated, the Bomb Squad must reach the bomb before the time limit is up, or the Terrorists win


•The Bomb Squad can have a technician, who the Bomb Squad must protect if they want to disable the bomb.

•If you know someone who is good with making things, then you can ask them to make a box with a paint grenade in it that goes off at the time limit. This makes things very realistic.

Supplies:  bomb

Bunker Wars

Opposing fortresses are within firing range of each other and limited resources are available. Whichever team can outlast the other wins the round. 


1. The round will begin with even teams.

2. Each player is only allowed a single regulation hopper of paint. No additional pods allowed on the field.

3. Paint sharing is allowed and recycling paint (dropped paint, etc.) is up to the discretion of the player.

4.The player is out of the game if they have a gun malfunction, run out of usable paint or is otherwise shot out of the game (per pre-agreed upon hit rules).

5. There will be a neutral boundary down the center of the field that neither team is allowed to cross. The bunkers should be set up within adequate firing distances from each other.

Variations:  There can be a 45 minute time limit in effect if the player count is too high. This is an excellent opportunity for grenade usage or mortar rounds. Medics and commanders can also be implemented.

Civil War

A pseudo reenactment of a civil war era battle. Team Alpha and Team Bravo will face off at opposite sides of the battlefield, within visual and audible distance of each other. They will advance in formation until within 15yrds of each other (surrendering distance). The team with the most troops left, wins the round. 


•Players must not use a hopper.

•Each player is allowed 20 rounds, to be placed in a pocket.

•One team member will be designated as commander. He will provide firing commands until he is eliminated. The next in line will assume command.

•Commands are as follows: •Ready! (load a ball into chamber)

•Aim! (Aim)

•Fire! (Fire)

•Forward! (Advance)

Common Foe

Re-spawn players as new team to come in against remaining players from both teams. Great game if you’re short on equipment or just if you want to keep the game moving and minimize the amount of time in the dead box. It allows for a quick winner stays style of scenario. 


1.Divide into 3 equal teams: Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie

2.Teams Alpha and Bravo begin an elimination style game

3.When the number of people in the dead box is equal to the number of Team Charlie, who are waiting on the outside, a signal is given and team Charlie enters the game. At this point, the remnants of Team Alpha and Team Bravo combine to become Team Delta and defend the attack from Team Charlie.

4.The players in the dead box unite to become Team Echo. They are on deck. This should be an ample opportunity to clean and reload.

5.When the number of people in the dead box is equal to the number of Team Echo, who are waiting on the outside, a signal is given and team Echo enters the game. At this point, the remnants of Team Charlie and Team Delta combine to become Team Foxtrot and defend the attack from Team Echo.

6.Play continues until a specified time limit or until you’ve gone a specified number of rounds.

You’ll want to establish a clear signal that the game is changing. It’s better if this is different from the signal to begin or end each round. For instance, when you’re ready to change the game, you’ll blow a horn

You may also want to have a refill station somewhere on the field for the players that stay in the game from one round to another.

Variations:  The same can be accomplished with only 2 teams. In that case, when half the players are in the dead box, they unite against the players still on the field.


Traditionally called a “push” game. Flags are set up in numerical order along the field. Flag 1 will be nearest to Team Alpha’s HQ. The highest flag number will be furthest away from Team Alpha’s HQ. Team Bravo must acquire Team Alpha’s flags in order, starting from the highest number, until they reach Team Alpha’s HQ by acquiring the final #1 flag. 


1. The flags must be taken in order from highest to lowest.

2. When the flag is acquired by Team Bravo, it must be returned to Team Bravo’s HQ before the next flag can be attacked. Although Team Alpha cannot “”reacquire”” the flag, they can defend its current location if dropped.

3. If a player is in control of the flag, in route to the HQ, and they are shot, they must drop the flag.

Variations:  This scenario is traditionally played with infinite respawns, but a preset time limit. If Team Bravo has not acquired all the flags within that time limit, Team Alpha wins the round.


Team Alpha has been tasked with a moving a precious cargo convoy to a pre-chosen location. In their possession are three crates (ice coolers). Team Bravo has been tasked in stopping this convoy and intercepting its contents. 


1. A destination location is pre-chosen prior to game play.

2. Alpha team must have at least 2 people more than Bravo team.

3. Each team will start at opposite sides of the field, with the destination location favoring Team Bravo’s starting location.

4. The crates must always remain within 15ft of the next following crate, so Alpha team must move the crates in a convoy fashion.

5. Once the crate has been placed in its designated location, the game is over and Team Alpha wins the round.

6. If Bravo Team inhibits the convoy from reaching their destination or succeeds in disbanding the convoy, Team Bravo wins the round.

Variations:  Crates can always be filled with extra ammo, weaponry and medic rules may be applied to the convoy team.


Team Bravo has been tasked with a detonating a pre-chosen location. In their possession are three crates (ice coolers). One crate contains a timed explosive. The other two crates contain dummy explosives. Team Alpha is tasked in stopping the terrorist threat and disabling the bomb before detonation occurs. 


1. A detonation target/location is pre-chosen prior to game play.

2. Alpha team must have at least 2 people more than Bravo team.

3. Each team will start at opposite sides of the field; with the detonation target/location favoring Team Alphas starting location.

4. The bomb will be placed in a random crate, unknown to Team Alpha and timer set.

5. Once the crate has been placed in its designated location, the game is over and Team Bravo wins the round.

6. If Alpha Team disables the bomb (by acquiring the crate and removing the bomb from within) or the bomb detonates before it is set in its location, Team Bravo loses the round.

Downed Pilot

Both Team Alpha and Team Bravo have been tasked to retrieve a downed pilot. Once the pilot has been recovered, the recovering team must escort the pilot to an extraction point. The pilot will have 5 minutes to determine his hiding location prior to the beginning of the round. 


1. The pilot initially belongs to neither team and does not know either team’s extraction point. Once the pilot is recovered by a team, he now is an asset to that team.

2. The pilot is allowed to provide recon info to the recovering team.

3. The pilot is allowed to utilize weaponry from the recovering team.

4. If the pilot is shot while in the care of a recovering team, that recovering team loses the round.

5. The recovering team wins the round by moving the pilot to the extraction point or eliminating the opposing team.

Variations:  A variation to the game allows for Team Bravo to “hunt” the pilot. If Team Bravo finds and kills the pilot before Team Alpha can “rescue” him, Team Alpha loses the round. Same core rules will apply in regards to the pilot.


Team Alpha is detained in a holding cell. Their weapons are located in nearby armory. The power is shut down (countdown to begin the round) and Team Alpha is capable of escaping. They must reach the extraction point to win the round. 


1. Team Alpha, unarmed, will start in a predetermined detention area.

2. Team Alpha’s weapons will be located within 30 yards, in a centralized location.

3. Team Bravo must begin out of visual range of the detention center and must not be within 30 yards of the armory.

4. Team Bravo can engage Team Alpha as soon as the round begins.

Variations:  This game can be played with a single Team Alpha member. Typically, the odds must be 4-1 in favor of Team Bravo.

Four Corners

This is a great way to play if you only have 4-16 players and a relatively square field. Each team of 1-4 players (alpha, bravo. Charlie, and delta) deploys to one of the four corners of the field. In the dead center of the field is the objective (it can be whatever you want to use to suit your theme, a flag, a briefcase, whatever. The goal is to return the objective to your deployment. 


1. The objective holder must reach his deployment area alive

2. Each team starts in one of the four corners of the field

3. There are no respawns

4. There is a 20 minute time limit, if the objective is unrecovered then it becomes an elimination round

Variations:  This can be done on any size field to accommodate the amount of players. One variation is to allow teams alpha and delta, who deploy opposite each other, to go on the whistle while Bravo and Charlie (also deploy opposite each other, have a 30 second delay. This allows the later deploying teams to seal off return routes if alpha and bravo recover the objective in the beginning…or joint the firefight for the objective.

Green Berets

Team Alpha (Green Berets) has completed their mission and now must make their way through hostile territory to the extraction point. Team Bravo (Viet Cong) must stop them by eliminating the majority of the Alpha Team. 


1.50% of the Alpha team must reach the extraction point alive to win the round.

2. Team Alpha’s start point will be at the opposite side of the field from the extraction point.

3. Team Bravo’s respawn points will be unknown to Team Alpha, but must be designated prior to the round beginning.

4. Team Bravo will have unlimited respawns.

5. There is a time limit in effect to prevent a stalemate.

Variations:  Depending on the terrain, the team count will vary. Typically, the game is played with even teams, but the Green Beret team can have a slight advantage depending on the playing field and amount of players available.


Team Alpha is tasked with moving the hostage from entry point to extraction point. Team Bravo is tasked with recovering the hostage by eliminating Team Alpha. 


1. The hostage cannot speak or provide recon info.

2. The hostage cannot utilize weaponry.

3. If the hostage is shot by Team Bravo, Team Bravo will lose the round. Same rule applies for Team Alpha.

5. Hostage must comply with all verbal commands given by Team Alpha.

6. Neither team is allowed to touch the hostage (using them as a shield, shoving them in particular direction, etc.)

7. Team members must be within 15yrds of the hostage at all times or team will forfeit the round.

Variations:  A variation of this scenario places the hostage in a static location under Team Bravo’s care. Team Bravo will be providing a defensive perimeter. Team Alpha must infiltrate, secure hostage and move the hostage to the extraction point.

Last Man Standing

An all vs all assault. 


1. A deck of cards is typically used to assign order of entry.

2. The player with the lowest card (ace) will enter the field first. 45 seconds later, the next highest card drawn will enter the field, and so forth.

3. Although “hiding” is not mandatory, each player must be at least 20ft away from any other player before the round begins.

4. The highest card drawn will enter the field last. This person will call “Game On!” upon entering the field to signal the beginning of the round.

5. Upon being shot out, participants should take note of how many people are left on the field to facilitate end of game call out.

Hunger Games

Small teams start separated with nothing. May the odds be ever in your favor! 

Rules:  This can be played as all-against-all or as multiple very small teams.

1. All players start in a ring, each at least 20 feet from the person on each side. The smaller the gap, the more insane the break. Team members should start opposite each other or with opponents in between them.

2. Place each player’s gun on the ground 20 feet outside the circle from them

3. Optional Put some sort of prize in the middle such as a better gun, extra rounds, or grenades.

4. Wish everybody, “May the odds be ever in your favor”

5. Countdown from 10 with the last 5 seconds silent. On 0, make the signal to start the game.

This game is insane off the break. Many will likely get out even before touching their gun but almost without fail; even the ones that get out of the break will love this game. When you

Variations:  Game maker Push After there are several people in the dead box and things have started slowing down, liven thing up a bit. Announce yourselves and be loud as all the dead box players walk through a defined strip of the field and shoot at anyone that’s there. You can choose if they are then out of the game or if they just need to relocate.

Jail Break

Two Team Alpha members must release their squad from a detention center. They will then move to an armory location only known by the two members. Once armed, Team Alpha must move to the extraction point to win the round. Team Bravo must actively attempt to prevent the release of their captives. 


1. The armory will be determined and set up by the two man Alpha rescue team prior to the round start. However, they will not have any communication with the rest of the team.

2. The detention center and extraction zone will be predetermined by both teams prior to the round beginning.

3. Team Bravo cannot be within 30 yards of the detention center or the extraction zone. If the armory is found, Team Bravo cannot move or otherwise hinder its recovery. However, they are allowed to secure the perimeter of the armory.

4. An original rescue team member and a rescued team member must reach the extraction point to win the round.

Variations:  There are no respawns; however a time limit is in effect.

Mystery Team Variation

Standard Game rules with variation. For this example, a 12 man group will be used. 12 envelopes, containing 12 color armbands (6 of red, 6 of blue) will be each placed in their own respective sealed envelope. All 12 team members will be handed a random envelope. The game in this example is Capture the Flag. All 12 team members head out to the field and are space at least 40ft from the next nearest person. When the round starts, everyone will open their envelopes and pull out their arm bands. Once the armband is placed, they immediately begin playing the round from where they are located. 


1. The envelopes must be mixed randomly.

2. Each player must be at least 40ft from the next available player.

3. Round begins, you have a 15 second count to done your armband before firing commences.


During a skirmish, a spy has infiltrated the team’s ranks and has been tasked an assignment, typically assassination of the commander. 


1. Any game variation can be used, but typically team death match with each team having a respective commander is the easiest to play.

2. A deck of cards is typically used to split teams randomly.

3. You may have one or two spies. Typically, Jokers are used for Spy cards. Each joker card will be pre-written for Red or Black teams. Commanders will have a King card assigned. Aces can be used for medics if no pre volunteers.

4. Cards are given out, face down. Each player is only concerned with which team they are on (red or black) with exception to medics and commanders. They will announce themselves, but not show each other their respective cards. Spies are to simply state which team they are on, but NOT that they are spies, however, commanders and medics will state their position. Neither team will know who the spies are. They are legitimate combatants as far as the overall game is concerned.

5.With assassination, the spy must be able to eliminate the commander from a safe distance (typically no less than 10 feet) with a marker shot and then must be able to flee the area (typically a ONE minute survival rate…if the spy can survive for more than one minute after the assassination, the other team wins the round).

6. The commander MUST be accompanied by at least one teammate at all times. If he is left alone, the game is over and the other team wins.

Variations:  One spy can be as effective as two in regards to paranoia.

Pitch Black

A night time special ops mission where Team Alpha must infiltrate Team Bravo’s parameter to disable their comms. 


1. A single lantern (capable of at least a 30ft radius of light) is placed in a predetermined location.

2. Team Bravo will be tasked with defending the perimeter of the light as it is preferable to being stationed within the light source for targeting reasons.

3. Team Alpha may start anywhere, as long as the start point is roughly 150ft from the light source.

4. A 45 minute time limit will be in place.

5. Team Alpha’s objective is to remove the light source (i.e. comms) that Team Bravo is defending. Either by removing the lantern from its location or simply turning it off.

6. If time expires, Team Bravo wins the round.

7. Velocities should be adjusted accordingly due to the close quarters and limited visibility of this mission.


Team Alpha is tasked with eliminating the Predator threat before the Predators assimilate the Alpha team. The Alpha team will start out with a 4 to 1 ratio to the Predator team. 


1. The Predator team will be given 5 minutes to set up their hunting locations.

2. If a Predator kills an Alpha team member, the Alpha team member is now a Predator. The Alpha team member must walk 20 yards behind the Predator before “”changing””.

3. If an Alpha team member kills a Predator, the Predator is out of the game.

4. The predator can only be killed by a chest or head shot.

5. The Alpha team is considered killed by a shot to any part of the body.

Variations:  Considering how chaotic this scenario can become, it is advisable that Team Alpha members each wear an armband. When they have been assimilated, they will remove their armband.

Protect the President

Team Alpha has been designated in providing security for the President. They must move him from entry point to extraction point safely. Team Bravo has been tasked in eliminating the President. 


1. The President can be armed with a side arm; however, he is not allowed to utilize team weaponry.

2. The President can provide recon info to security team.

3. The team must be within 15 yards of the President at all times or forfeit the round.

Variations:  A variation on this scenario places the president at a secure location. Team Alpha will provide a defensive perimeter and Team Bravo must infiltrate defenses and eliminate the President within a specified time limit.

The Hunted

Team Alpha has been tasked with hunting down an elite enemy sniper during their final excursion. They have limited ammo and little recon info. The round is over when the sniper is dead or Team Alpha is eliminated 


1. The sniper is given 5 minutes to obtain his starting location.

2. The sniper will have all the ammo he can carry.

3. Team Alpha will only have 25 rounds per soldier.


•Time limit will need to be in effect.

•No respawns.

•There can be multiple snipers, as long as they’re severely outnumbered


Team Alpha and Team Bravo are assigned recon duties for their respective military forces. They are to locate and note logistical information for specific recon agendas. If they encounter any resistance, they are to either eliminate the resistance or find a way around them. 


1. One player will be designated Ref/Combat Camera. They are responsible for setting up the various (but predetermined amount) recon points throughout the playing field. They will have 15 minutes to do this.

2. Recon points are to be designated clearly, preferably with a flag.

3. A method of proving the identification of the point must be determined (see Variations).

4. Every active team member must have all recon points accounted for before returning to HQ. If a team player is killed in action, they are no longer considered an active team member.

5. The game ends when all recon points are accounted for, only one team is left or the time limit has expired.


Recon identifiers can be dealt with in a variety of ways.

•Recon points can have individual color felt tip markers. The players will each have a card (or a team member may be promoted to commander status and the card will be centralized). At each recon point, the card will be marked with the specific color.

•Recon points can have individual “passwords” assigned by the ref. As with option 1, the players will need to write down these passwords per team card (or commander card) before finishing the round.

•Recon points can have multiple color armbands attached. One color for each team, per flag. Teams will need to gather their armbands from the recon points.

Other variation in this particular scenario is the use of multiple teams. The potential for Team Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Gamma, etc. is there as well as teams can be as small as a three man fire team.

SEAL Insertion

Alpha Team (SEAL Team) has been tasked on a demolitions assignment for a local government agency on foreign soil. They are to locate the detonation codes and, the bomb gear and then proceed to the target location, where they will detonate the target. Afterwards, they are to locate the comms unit drop. During the drop ship, the exact locations of these items were lost. INTEL has narrowed the location of these items within a quarter mile radius. Alpha team will be inserted into hostile territory to fulfill this mission. Team Bravo has been assigned to seek out the SEAL insertion and eliminate the foreign threat. 


1. Three crates will be used during this scenario. One crate will hold the detonation code, one crate will hold the bomb and the last crate will hold a radio.

2. The three crates will be placed in random locations (out of visual range of Alpha Team) throughout the field.

3. Alpha team will start at one end of the field and work their way around the field to locate the three crates. They are allowed to find the crates in any order. They are NOT allowed to call in for extraction until the mission is accomplished (i.e. they need the detonation code and the bomb set).

4. Once the radio call is made for extraction, Alpha team wins the round.

5. If time expires or all Alpha team members are eliminated, Bravo team wins the round.

Variations:  Respawns are typically allowed for Bravo team. They are to walk to their respawn location and then start out as normal. If they are within 30yrds of spawn location, they are to walk to spawn location, count to 30 and then leave as normal. The SEAL team will tape off a 1ft x 1ft square on their front torso and rear torso. This is the military kill zone. Only shots to this area and headshots will count as kills. Any other shots will count only as field wounds. Another variation would be medic rules.

Under Siege

Team Alpha (bunker team) is under heavy fire in their heavily fortified bunker. They have to hold out for X amount of time for Delta team (rescue team) to arrive to assist in the defense against Bravo team (attack team). 


1. The round will begin with even teams. Alpha team will be limited to 3 people and Delta will be made up of the remainder.

2. Bravo team will start out of visual range of Alpha team.

3. Delta team will start at far end of field with a minimum 3 minute start delay. Field variances can alter delay time.

4. Round is over when either Alpha or Bravo team is fully eliminated. Alpha/Delta team wins the round if Bravo team cannot eliminate Alpha team before round expires.

Variations:  There is a 45 minute time limit in effect. Another variance can include a satchel charge to blow the bunker. If a satchel can be thrown within the bunker walls with a minimum 15 second timer to blow the satchel, Bravo team wins the round.


Each player that gets tagged becomes a member of the team that tagged them. 


1. Divide the teams so that the Zombie team is greatly outnumbered by the Living team (ex. 2 vs 12 or 1 vs 9).

2. The zombies’ objective is to recruit more zombies by tagging them.

3. When someone is tagged by a zombie, they become a zombie and continue playing.

4. When a zombie is tagged, the zombie is out of the game. The objective of the living is, of course, to eliminate all zombies.

A time limit is a good idea for this game as it is often very difficult to know when there are no remaining humans or zombies.

Variations:  Respawn/Antidote when a zombie is hit, they can respawn as long as the humans haven’t got the ‘antidote’. The ‘antidote’ could be a flag that hangs near the respawn point. If the humans capture the antidote, the zombies have to stop respawning. While incredibly difficult to achieve, the antidote allows the Respawn scenario to have a potential (though unlikely) human victory. Wolf Pack It can be played with 2, 3, 4 or more teams. Each team starts at a different spot on the field. If you get hit you go to the team that hit you. This goes on till you run out of daylight or run out of paintballs. The most important rule of Wolf Pack is that the teams must stay together with no player being more than an arm’s length away or else chaos will ruin the game. Aliens can only be ‘killed’ with a head shot and humans only become aliens after being shot and either touched by an alien or waiting 30 seconds. Minions Instead of a zombie, the disadvantaged Villainous team has a designated villain. When the Villainous team shoots somebody, they become a minion. The objective of the opposing team is to eliminate the villain.  Traitors Teams start out equally split. When a player is hit, they switch to the team that hit you. Unlike Wolf Pack, you must report to a respawn station before joining your new team.


Armbands or other team markers. It’s best if everybody can have multiple markers on them so they can easily change teams.