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Interested in helping out at the Run-N-Gun paintball field? Ron allows referees the use of his  guns, masks, loaders, loader packs, nitrous systems, free compressed air refills, and reduced purchasing of equipment and paintballs in exchange for your time refereeing. These benefits will vary with the time you put in refereeing. Requirements for Referees: If you can remember the safety rules, enforce them appropriately, and believe in fair unbiased game play for all players on the field, then you will have no problem being a referee at Run-N-Gun. Also, during some of the group games and open games, depending on how many referees are helping out and if the players don’t mind, we’ve had referees rotate in and out of games. Refereeing staff are also invited on special trips such as big scenario games or the Paintball Caves in Kansas City, MO. Give Ron a call at 507-990-0913 and let him know you are interested in helping referee at Run-N-Gun. Next time you’re available and your help is needed, Ron will sign you up as one of the referees to help out for the day.