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Question & Answer

What is paintball?

Paintball is America’s fastest growing recreational game played by men, women, jocks, couch potatoes, young people, and old people. It is a game of brains and stealth rather than muscle and brute strength, meaning kids and adults can compete equally. Playing games like Tag, Cops and Robbers, or Capture the Flag is equivalent to the types of games played on the paintball field. The difference is in paintball, there are referees that make sure players are playing both safe and fair. Also, a player is “tagged” out after being hit from a paintball, which leaves a washable paint splatter on him or her. An air or CO2 powered marker is used to propel the paintballs, and the players wear a goggle system to protect their face and eyes. In essence, paintball is a game for everyone and it is filled with excitement, adventure, and adrenaline.

What is paintball good for?

Stress Relief, Fitness, Camaraderie, Team Building, Clubs, Church Groups, Company Picnics, Bachelor Parties, Colleges, Fraternity Parties, Father & Son Outings, Mother & Daughter Outings, Husband & Wife Outings, and Much More!

Is paintball safe?

As long as a full-face goggle system is worn and kept on at all times, and, as in any other sport, all safety rules are followed; paintball is a very safe sport.

Does it hurt?

For the most part, getting hit with a paintball is like being snapped with a towel. However, at close range, you may get a dime-sized welt from the paintball. Referees try to keep players at least 20 feet from each other to avoid extremely close range encounters, but they can’t be watching all the time. The idea is to make sure other players never get that close! A good option to regular paintball is Low impact Paintball which is played just like regular paintball with the exception of the sting from a paintball hit. Lighter Markers and smaller paintballs that shoot at lower velocity & give off 2/3rds less joules of impact create a friendlier environment for less adventurous kids and adults.

What should I wear?

Camouflage clothing works the best because it breaks up your silhouette. No need to go out and buy the camouflage special for one trip to the field, just wear dark or neutral colors.  Old clothes are recommended because you will get dirty and the paintballs may not completely wash out from some fabrics. Also, no shorts or short sleeves are allowed. If you don’t like scratches, cuts, slide burns, thorns, slivers, poison ivy or the nasty elements that the forest can inflict upon unclothed skin, you will thank us for relaying this mandatory statement. Sturdy shoes and light gloves are recommended for all. You’ll especially love the gloves when you get shot in the hand by a paintball. Good shoes will keep you from slipping around, and your feet dry and warm. If it rains you can bring some kind of poncho to help keep you dry. If it’s cold, wear extra clothing to keep you warm. Remember, you can always take the stuff off if the rain stops or you get too warm! You should also bring something along to cover your car seats (old towels work great) or bring a change of clothes to put on when you finish your day.

How old do I have to be?

The minimum age is 12. All players under the age of 18 must have a Run-N-Gun waiver signed by a parent or guardian. You can print the waiver form off from this site and have your parent or guardian sign the waiver ahead of time. If you forget your waiver, or decide to fill one out when you get to the field, be sure that your parent or guardian is there to sign your waiver if you are under the age of 18.

Do you sell paintball markers?

We now sell paintball markers, tanks and accessories at the Run-n-Gun paintball field as well as at our Retail store, Sports Headquarters @ 1201 Broadway Ave S. @ the CrossRoads Shopping Center in Rochester. We fill, 3000 PSI, and 4500 PSI compressed air tanks at both locations but only fill CO2 tanks at Sports Headquarters.